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How it Works

Needs Assessment
Meeting, call, or email to find out what you want.  We review the current environment, challenges, and goals.  We suggest overlays, different approaches, available technologies.

Publish the RFQ (Request for Quotes)
Based on the Needs Assessment, we'll send an RFQ(Request for Quotes) to the appropriate providers requesting bids for your solution.  The RFQ may be for multiple technologies across multiple providers.  Responses from at least five providers is common.

RFQ Review
We'll put together a Bid Summary for your review.  The Summary will outline the technologies, services, and pricing.  A basic Summary is found below.  It outlines broadband, bonded T1s, and ethernet based services.  A broader analysis may detail your current environment vs. VPN, MPLS, Hosted Voice, Unified Communications, Cloud Computing and any associated hardware costs.

How much time would you have to spend with each provider's sales teams to collect the information above?  At least two phone calls and at least one meeting per carrier.  And that's only for a boilerplate proposal.  How much longer if you wanted to review other technologies?

Go, No Go
Based on the Bid Summary, we may move forward with the project or decide to perform more do diligence.  At that point, we'll put together a plan based on the scope of the project.  Best of all, there are no fees to you.  Just like a direct rep, the carrier pays me if you buy, so you have no out of pocket expense.

Simple, easy, direct.  If you like the process, check out our Contact page and we'll get started.

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