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Enable Communications was founded out of frustration with corporate foolishness.  Everytime a new wave of management came through, they'd put their own stamp on the business, and inevitably, alienate customers and employees.  You've probably been downsized or rightsized, but have you ever been bifurcated? That's the type of genius we were dealing with. 

We'd lose or jeopardize great relationships and great people every time.  After 17 years of seeing the cycle repeat, (rinse, repeat), the decision was made to take control and do it the right way.  No corporate line.  No carrier bias.  No  "One size fits all.".  It would be about the customer.

Today, we offer you the choice of over 40 carriers, all available technologies, no bias, and a focus on your needs.  We'll save you time and spare the rhetoric.  We'll do business the way you want to do business.  Want to meet in person?  Fine.  Prefer emails or conference calls?  Okay.  Just want a spreadsheet with bids from carriers of your choice?  Absolutely.  It's your business and we'll do it your way.

Here's the first commitment you'll get.  If we don't have the right solution for you, we'll pass on the business.  We don't have quota to make or the hovering sales manager beating on our cube.  Life's too short for bad business relationships.  We're here for the long haul, and if we're not right for you now, we like to have the chance to work with you in the future. 

Engage us when you want to evaluate new technology, shop your current provider, or just want to know your options.

There's no pressure to buy. Sometimes you just want to pick someone's mind about the current state of the market, or see how the latest technology works in the real world.  We may never do business, but if we do, it'll be because it's the best for both companies.

Take a look at the following pages.  If you like what you see, we stand ready to serve.

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